Nurseries, Schools & Outings

Specially themed 
outings for families, 
and visits into playgroups, nurseries, reception and KS1. 

Song Box offers themed interactive sessions for:

EYFS and KS1 ~ educational, interactive stories which present specific information, invite learning through role play, empathy and reflection, and create practical opportunities to use skills eg

"I'm in the team" - learning content:
keeping safe
team work
listening and communication skills
values; British values of democracy, rule of law, civil responsibility, care for others, compassion
aspiration and motivation to future careers
building resilience and agency (reducing fearfulness and anxiety)
help pupils develop into self-assured, confident, happy, positive young people
develop pupils who know how to act responsibly
knowing the value and importance of making a positive impact on the lives of other people
aspects of local government
the role of the Environment Agency
the wider role of weather forecasters
roles of police, fire services and medical services
social and physical geography around water cycles, land management, flood risks, management and prevention 
using storytelling to explore and express ideas

Extensive back catalogue plus bespoke session design.
Contact us well ahead to include a session that enhances your learning programme.

Song Box also runs popular holiday programmes and "Discovery sessions" for families with babies, toddlers, talkers, pre-school and primary age children.  We regularly work with :
York Archives
St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre
York Art Gallery
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
York Gamelan
Holgate Windmill
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