Bringing people together through shared music making

Family groups

Family music sessions
Are you looking for quality time with your child? Come along to one of our weekly family musical play groups  and laugh and sing the whole way through. Check our timetable and book your first visit NOW. We welcome everyone to our mixed age sessions, playing as families play naturally at home, all together and each at their own level.

Mid term bookings welcome 

”Noah has really enjoyed his Song Box sessions ... they are so much fun.His confidence with singing, playing instruments and socialising with others have all come on leaps and bounds since we started the classes” Sasha with Noah June 2016 

Senior sessions

Music sessions for seniors
Light hearted, accessible and inclusive adult Song Box sessions in supportive settingscare homes, sheltered housing and in the community.Singing together is a great way to build friendships, improve breathing and posture and lift your mood. 

Contact us to find out what we can offer. 

"It's so enjoyable. With Parkinsons my voice has been going downhill, but since I joined this group it's coming back!"

 "It's so different from everything else I do. I look forward to it. It's nice to have fresh company" 
From a lady recently widowed and coping with failing sight. 

Holiday specials

Holiday music sessions
Themed interactive sessions for babies, toddlers, talkers, pre-school and primary school age children with their families, at York's many wonderful locations

"fantastic, multi sensory, fun, engaging workshop in a beautiful setting. Different ages and abilities catered for by Thea who is a caring and skilful facilitator. I definitely recommend it." Rebecca with Jack 9, Charlie 7 & Lucy 3 2016

For alerts of our holiday programmes and events request to join our email news listing or subscribe to the events on our Face Book page

Primary Schools

One-off music performances
Themed interactive sessions for EYFS and KS1, supporting school's cross curricular and learning objectives. Large back catalogue and bespoke sessions.
Book well ahead to enhance your next term's planning

Communication & literacy
Understanding our world
RE & cultural diversity
Citizenship & British values
Self expression & team work

“great social and physical geography content” 
"Linked well to our work on values" 
"worked well because so interactive” 
For a fun, friendly, and creative live music group

Call 07855 126 408
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