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 Summer holiday events

Remaining dates:

Song Box with Sarah    £5.90/FAMILY
for babies, toddlers and talkers (0-5 year olds), with mum, dad, siblings and grandparents. Enjoy songs, action rhymes, percussion and great musical games together as a family, each joining in at your own level.

Friday 11 August  Oaken Grove Community Centre, Haxby
10:00  SOLD OUT
11:00  SOLD OUT

Thursday 17 August  Southlands Church, South Bank
10:00  SOLD OUT 
11:00  SOLD OUT

Friday 18 August   Oaken Grove Community Centre, Haxby
10:00  SOLD OUT
11:00  SOLD OUT

Accessible storymaking
 Fri 25 & Tue 29 August: 
 10:30-11:30 York Art Gallery
For 8 - 18 year olds who enjoy engaging with new spaces, multi sensory experiences, colour and music. Family and siblings of all ages welcome. "now we know how wheelchair accessible it is we'll be coming back lots!"

Using your own communication aides, plus resources from the gallery, we will create our own original stories from the characters and scenes in the exhibition, with added Song Box songs, props and movement to enliven the tale.

"History Agents" with archivist Catriona Cannon & Thea 
for 4 - 11 year olds with parent/carer £2 / child
Thursday 17 August, 2:00 - 3:30 York Explore central library
Tickets available direct from any Explore York Library.
A rare opportunity to go behind the scenes into York Archive’s state of the art strong room to search for evidence of lives lived, jobs worked and places inhabited by people of York. Become an archive detective, searching ancient documents for clues, plus a great holiday activity sheet. This newly created session is going to be a fantastic.

"Singing nature explorers" with Thea  £5.90/FAMILY    
for babies, toddlers and talkers (0-8 year olds), with mum, dad, siblings and grandparents.

St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre, Rawdon Avenue, YO10 3ST.
Join Thea in the big tent, in the beautiful, sheltered garden of St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre. Our very laid back session explores the garden, singing about what we find.  This summer's highlight has been discovering the efts (google it!) Our nature craft activity is working on Song Box's contribution to "polliNation" a city wide community arts project about bees. Join in and see your work on display in the city centre through the autumn . Many families bring picnics and enjoy the play area, nature reserve and excellent blackberrying for the rest of the day.  
Friday 1 September  St Nicholas Fields, Tang Hall
10:00  SOLD OUT
11:00 Last few tickets  Click here for tickets

Interactive storytelling with Thea, £5.90/FAMILY
for 4-9 year olds with parent/care. Join Thea to discover a story with it's roots in the buildings and landmarks of our beautiful city.
"We very much enjoyed the calmness of your delivery ... the map making, songs, rhyme as well as the story making. It felt different to anything else we have done." Sara Mair 2017
11:00 Tuesday 15 August  Acomb Library.
"Hands on Gamelan" with musician David Hammond & Thea
for babies, toddlers and talkers (0-5 year olds), with mum, dad, siblings and grandparents.

Visit the amazing Indonesian gamelan percussion orchestra in it's own room in the Department of Music at the University of York. Sit amongst the fabulous gongs and metallophones, learning about York's gamelan and making our own music. The padded beaters create mesmeric and magical sounds, heaven on earth for anyone who loves banging things.  
"We all really enjoyed the Gamelan session. The informal approach worked really well giving the children the chance to explore the instruments, to touch, bang, listen and feel vibrations. The mini performance at the end was really beautiful. The babies particularly seemed to be in a trance!!!” 
Friday 18 August  University of York Music Department, Heslington
 9.50    SOLD OUT
11.05   SOLD OUT 
13.50   SOLD OUT 
15.00   SOLD OUT
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